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Distinctive food from Norway, to audiences attending festivals and markets in Europe
Bekkereinan from Kvinesdal, (in south west Norway) we offers festival food from the farms own larder.
Distinctive barbeque foods from Bekkereinan present good relations and are well appreciated by the attending audience.
When we look into our own experience; we can tell home-bred, home-made ecologic food, giving a festival a distinctive stamp and praise, furthermore giving the audience an even better food experience.

·         NGP- Offshore World cup. Exclusive rights serving food and drinks of booths in Arendal City, 2007 and 2008
·         Norway Rock festival. Supplier of food to the festival, 2008-2010
·         Hove(rock festival), 2007-2009
·         Quart festival in Kristiansand (Norway). Elected as the number one festival food, Hot dogs and Hamburgers
·         Gladmat festival in Stavanger. Also known as the food festival in Stavanger, 2007-2009
·         Various arrangement, markets and festival all over Norway
We have long good experience in offering catering, food and drinks to big events. Our employees are smiling and render very well service to the audience.
We offer:
- Hamburgers and Taco burgers with rough-grinded meat and homemade dressing.
- Hot dogs; big rough Chili, cheese or pure meat hot dogs from the grill.
- Tex-Mex; Tortilla and nachos.
- Pizza with homemade tomato sauce.
- Bacon with mashed potatoes.
- Pancakes with bacon.
- Pork rapped in bread.
These are just some of the dishes Bekkereinan offers, everything from Kvinesdal luxuriant dish.
Special production:
Bekkereinan produces delicacy meat of local slaughtered meat.
The meat is distinguished by; peculiar taste of the location of the animals, the taste of the foods origin. The taste is characterized by the local ground and soil, the climate and genetics.
We require own demands about ethical values for our animals, such as, management, animal race and feeding.
The animals are closely observed from the upbringing to the butcher. The meat is marbled and tenderized.

The beef used in the for example hamburgers, comes from local animals that has grazed along Kvinesdal vigorous valleys.
Our pigs live in the free and have access to isolated cabins.
In the free the swine are surrounded by murmurous water falls, where they graze for acorn, nuts and roots, which creates the foundation for the quality and the distinctive taste in the meat.
Bekkereinan uses Norway’s raw materials, probably the same as our ancestors used.
Our outdoor swine taste extraordinary, and has lived a good and comprehensive live.



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